When the world sleeps, the Kol Torah resounds.

Even within Lakewood – the Ihr HaTorah which bustles with a plethora of Mosdos HaTorah – Kollel Mashkimim has no peers.

Well over 40 elite talmidei chachamim who wake up each morning in the wee hours some as early as 2:40 Am, to learn b’hasmada for a multi-hour seder Biritzufos, and daven Shacharis Vasikin. This is in addition to them learning and/or being marbitz Torah all morning and afternoon, plus night seder. The Kol Torah is resounding and takes no break. These exemplary bnei Torah collectively learn over 3,500 blatt a month at the Kollel – limudim that help them reach ambitious goals in Torah that their regular daily structure does not allow for.

Kollel Mashkimim is comprised of some of the most outstanding talmidei chachamim, Poskim, Rabanim, and Roshei Chabura, who learn their own tailored made limudim that enable them to reach new lofty heights in their shiifus of Torah and Avodah.

After close to 3 years in existence, Kollel Mashkimim is recognized throughout the Olam HaTorah as a crown jewel!


Kollel Mashkimim was founded by Rabbi Tzvi Friedman shlit”a and Rabbi Daniel Orlinsky shlit”a, who serve as the Roshei Kollel.

Rabbi Friedman and Rabbi Orlinsky previously had sedarim in the early morning hours. They recognized the value this time had for those looking to grow in learning. So much can be accomplished, with a clear and undistracted mind. Rabbi Friedman and Rabbi Orlinsky dedicated themselves to establish the ideal makom Torah for this seder to thrive. Every aspect of Kollel Mashkimim is designed to maximize the yungerleit’s success with the sole goal of ריבוי התורה and כבוד שם שמים .


The vigor and mesiras nefesh of Kollel Mashkimim’s yungerleit have made a profound impression upon the Olam HaTorah. Everyone who has gotten as much as a glimpse of the Kollel in action is amazed. 

Baruch Hashem The Kollel has recently added an earlier time where several Yungerleit come as early as 2:40 AM. This Past year the Kollel has added an addional 10 Yungerleit. There is currently an extensive waiting list of yungerleit who are eager to join.

Kollel Mashkimim represents nothing less than a

revolution in the concept of והגית בו יומם ולילה .


Kollel Mashkimim pays the yungerleit a respectable stipend, so that they can learn with peace of mind. Understandably, this amounts to huge sums, and the Roshei Kollel must cover a yearly budget of over three hundred thousand dollars! 

Please take the opportunity to partner in this revolutionary Kollel, so that these – and additional – special yungerleit can keep the flame of Torah burning around the clock.


For more info Please Contact: P: 848-210-7078 E:[email protected]

Mail Address: Kollel Mashkimim 15 Trudy Lane Lakewood NJ 08701